Network Server 3.12.2 vs 3.11.0 Port 202

Can someone give me a clue
I setup today a second VM and noticed that it’s now Network_Server (AS923@3.12.2)
compare to my first one still running Network_server(AS923@3.11.0).
Both have the very same settings (chirpstack-network-server.toml file…)
3.11.0 works fine
3.12.2 replies fPort null for a 202 sync time message

Don’t know if it needs some additional parameters, can’t get the SYNC Time working on 3.12.2
but works fine on 3.11.0

Any idea , what I’m doing wrong ?

Note that FUOTA (and the application-layer time sync is one of its components) has been removed from the ChirpStack Application Server, so the AS does no longer respond to application-layer timesync requests by the device.

All this code has been migrated to

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Ok make sense

Thanks for the info.