Network Server And Applicattion Server

Hi, I’m new in the LoRa world, and I’m confused about the difference between the network server, and the application server, first can you give examples of network servers and application servers, ¿they always be in the same server or plataform like in ¿why they are separated components in the LoRaWAN architecture ? ¿if i create a server with nodeJS for example, this will be a network server or application server ? and i can send it data to this server? im hope that you understand me, sorry for my english

I am assuming you have looked at
LoRa Server (aka Network Server) and the Lora App Server are both components of the bundle and implement the LoRaWAN specification.
You wouldn’t implement a LoRa Server, but you could use the APIs it exposes to implement your own App Server and you don’t have to have both on the same server. More info on custom App Server:

Or you could use the provided App Server and use the APIs it exposes to interface with your applications (e.g a mobile or a web app).
It also comes with a web interface, which is useful for getting your network setup quickly and start integrating with your own applications or third-party software.
For example you can use the INFLUXDB integration then use Grafana dashboards to visualize the sensor data. See more info here:

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