Network server not showing joined node?

I am ssh into my rpi…The ssh connection broke thru the night and the chirpstack network gui showed the gateway was down. I rebooted this morning and did a sudo apt update and upgrade and restarted services. The gateway comes up. In my RealTerm (that is connected to the node) I enter the AT+JOIN command and it responds back Joined already but the GUI shows the node is down…I have not tried repowering the node and prefer not to have to do this. Is there some way for the GUI to sync back up via a software command or something?

I forced a join from the node end:

and the Gateway (at the GUI) shows:

Devices show up as active if a.) they’ve sent an uplink and b.) the profile is configured with an expected uplink rate greater than the time since the last uplink (i.e. don’t set an expected rate of 15m on a device that reports every 2h).

It looks like your device has joined but not sent any uplinks.

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As bconway said, if you want to chirpstack to show the device as active as soon as it connects, then the easiest way is to tell the device to send a Uplink as soon as it joins
And set a proper expected uplink rate

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Thank you both!
Is there a way to clear messages on the GUI under the gateway? I don’t see a select all clear button…or similar …as it gets cluttered during testing I would like to clear it

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