Never expire session device


is there a way to disable device session expiration? If not what is the maximum duration i can give to the device_session_ttl parameter. I saw an example only for hundrends of hours. Can you share an example for hundrend of years. I am not familiar with this duration format.


Here is an example in months: Configuration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation

device_session_ttl=“1month 13h 26m 24s”

Thank you Jerome, so similarly i could enter device_session_ttl=“1000year 13h 26m 24s”.
what is this format called to check the documentation it is strange to have h,m,s and then year instead of y

thank you never the less

If you want to be sure, enter 12000month instead of 1000 years :wink:

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@Jerome73 What will happen when a session ends?

I have a few battery node running for a while with default session TTL

But seems no issue.

@datnus if they communicate regularly, nothing. This will have an impact only if your device does not send data for more than this time, and do not rejoin.

I understand now.
Thanks a lot for your information.

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