New chirpstack v4 deployment

I managed to deploy a new install of chirp stack and started the app, setup gateway.

I can see packets in mqtt by using: mosquitto_sub -v -t “+/gateway/#”.

The gateway i used is Femto iot gateway and configured to ip and port respectively. Even after 2 hours of deployment no status update has been made in chirpstack ui to show gateway is online.

Any help is much apprecaited.

Issues like this are typically a band-mismatch issue somewhere along the chain of device → gateway → chirpstack. Have you configured your MQTT region_prefix in your gateway bridge?

To solve the issue any further you would have to give some more details of your deployment. What region are you using? What install did you do (docker/ubuntu)? Is the gateway bridge/mqtt forwarder installed on gateway or on the server? Are you using UDP packet forwarder or basicstation on the gateway? Are there any errors in the Chirpstack logs? What events are you currently seeing in the Chirpstack logs?

Hard to debug with only the current information.

I have managed to resolve issue by correcting gateway eui which was visible in mqtt log.

Thanks for the help.

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