New features to show


I was wondering if it could be possible to add some new statistic feature (or mqtt publication)

This is what we think it’s interesting to have.

  • % of packet lost per node. This could be added next to battery status. We think it’s a very useful information.
  • Last packet SF/DR Value
  • Last packet SF/DR send by server. We are kind of having a problem knowing what the server is telling to the nodes.

For example we want to check that if the server sends a ADRReq to change DR the device really do it. It’s hard now because logs aren’t saved anymore and we have some devices sending just once a day.
I think this can be done with the API and the new StreamLogFrame. I tried with the /api web but does not seem to work as I expected and have to look again to know how it is properly done.

Another thing that could be potentional interesting is the ability to set NbTrans to a fixed value. Something like max and min set in service-profile, or even by device. I know this si calculated automatically by ADR Engine, but I think could be very interesting.

What do you think?
I could even try to help a little but my knowledge of GO is very restricted and I can’t do it while I’m working. But if you think it is very interesting I would try.


Thanks @fma for your proposal!

There are definitely some things that could be further extended, some fields should be pretty easy to add :slight_smile: (e.g. packet-loss). Note that the uplink data-rate is already given in the txInfo!

It’s hard now because logs aren’t saved anymore

That is not true, this really depends on your setup. E.g. when using Systemd, one way to see the logs is journaltcl -f -n 100 -u loraserver. Still I think if you want to be alerted on errors, the logs are the best place as it will also expose database errors etc…

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