New install, works as promoted

I hereby announce that all of my previous problems have been solved, through pointers and help and research and rebuilding everything.

I started out with three EndNodes, with software developed by my former partner. These had worked in a past iteration of LoRa Server in OTAA.

After we went our separate ways, with me taking all the hardware and software, I tried to set everything up again.

In updating LoRa Server, I believe I got some components out of sync, with regards to versions.

I ended up rebuilding the Server and the rebuilding the Gateway and trying to more the lora-gateway-bridge to the Gateway and then trying out Orne’s Gateway OS.

I am not the worlds strongest C Programmer, but in trying to figure out what could be causing the problem, why the code and hardware would not do the expected things, I decided I had to go through the Endnode code.
My former partner had apparently taken some liberties, such that in the infant days of Lora Server, the Endnodes worked.
With the maturity of Lora Server, sufficient changes have been made by Orne so that the code operates with the LoRa Alliance specifications for LoRaWAN, that the old Endnode code from my patener stopped working. It looked like it was working but it was not working properly.

Today, I downloaded the most recent version of STM32CubeExpansion_LRWAN_V1.2.2. This code is based on the Develop branch of Lora-net/ LoRaMac-node which is LoRa MAC Version 1.0.3 Rev A.

I configured the code, commissioning.h and modified some parameters and added some symbols and changed some defines and then compiled the code with my recently downloaded Atollic TrueStudio 9.3.

I added all the proper entries for the Gateway and the new Endnode with it’s new code and the LoRa Gateway is properly reporting GPS coordinates and the Endnode is Activated and sending Live LoRaWAN Frames and Data to LoRa Server.
The Join Request and Join Accept sequence happens very quickly.

I put this note in here as a confirmation that everything now works as it should.

I thank everyone for putting up with my ignorance, silly questions and giving me pointers to delve further into understanding what is happening and when.