New Kerlink iStation and chirpstack gateway bridge installation

Hi all
is it possible to install Chirpstack gateway bridge to new Kerlink Wirnet iStation gateway? If yes, witch ipk file we have to use, for iBTS? Kerlink iStation use the same SW like iBTS and iFemtoCell (source: datasheet). Did you try it? I just looking for new gateways to my LoRa network and old Kerlink Wirnet Station are EndOfSale. I know that I can use Packet Forwarder to GatewayBridge on my server, but this is unsecure and not reliable. I wat to use mqtt with TLS between MQTT brooker and GW.


Hi lubos_I
i just tried to install the ipk for iBTS and iFemtoCell (on my iStation), but it will not install. I get a ERROR (13)
Have you tried to get it working with the mqtt yet?

I do not have a iStation gateway to test with. There needs to be a small change in the .ipk file to make it installable, as the .ipk files are specific to each gateway. Could you share the output of (on your gateway):

uname -a

Hi Orne
thanks for the help :slight_smile:
root@klk-wiis-xxxxx:~ # uname -a
Linux klk-wiis-xxxxx 4.14.9-klk #1 SMP Thu Aug 29 17:02:58 CEST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux

is it just the armv7?

from your github:

i build a new .ipk with “…armv7.tar.gz” and changed the Architecture for the control file to armv7.
But it did not work.
I get “Not selecting chirpstack-gateway-bridge 3.8.0 due to incomaptible architecture” during the installation of the ipk. Do i have to recompile the chirpstack-gateway-brige for armv7l? Or is it just a setting in the ipk file?

i found a way to intall it. Changing the
Architecture to “klkgw” solved it.


Can you share some details on the installation procedure? i’m interested in replacing built-in software in order to enable multiple udp forwarding. Thx by advance,