New payload keys/values not appearing in Chirpstack UI

I feel like a broken record at this stage, but I am slightly further along with my problems each post.
The ChirpStack simulator has been modified so that it should send some extra values as part of UplinkRxInfo

The simulator built, it did not give any error message about these values, and I assumed this would be mission success, but I can see in the LoraWan Frames tab that my values aren’t coming through.

Does this mean there is a certain format that the RxInfo will be in, so my values would have never worked? If anyone can point me to where I should add my values to have them populate here, I would greatly appreciate it

The best I can gather, this is an issue with Golang itself, very strongly typed and if additional fields are added that are not in the defined object, they are stripped out before reaching the UI. Also this uplink that I was targeting is not the right one.
Anyone looking to do this in the future should instead look for the ‘dataUp’ func in the device.go file. Here you have the device payload (supplied in the sim.toml - which is really annoying that I wasted so much time, be wary everyone else) that is base 64 encoded and hexencoded before that.