New server - migrate registered nodes

Hello All!

I have a physical server running LoRaServer (EU868 @ 2.3.1) with already registered OTAA nodes. I would like to migrate to Virtualised environment and install there the latest ChirpStack server.

Question: Is there a possibility to export/import already OTAA registered nodes from old server to new?

Thanks in advance and greetings from Latvia!

Yes. To be fully complete (including device activations), you will want to migrate the contents of both PostgreSQL and Redis.

Hi, thanks for the reply!

To understand you correctly - I just migrate old database contents to the new one and that’s it? (even between versions)

Does the whole thing have to be turned off? When we tried migrating to a managed Redis it seems like the frame counters were wrong for a lot of OTAA devices, so we lost the connection to them. Do we have to turn off the network server so that there’s no communication between the devices and the network server during the time we take a backup and the time we have switched over to the new Redis instance?

I imagine that would depend on the devices and the frequency that they are incrementing uplink and downlink counters. When I last did a lot of migrations, it was done on a per-gateway schedule.