Newbie questions wrt install on an RPi5

Hello all.
I am new to Chirpstack and am trying to wrap my head around what to install and in what order to get an RPi5 LoRaWAN gateway up and running. I would like to run the network server on the RPi5 and eventually I would like to install Home Assistant on the RPi5 too and have a self contained system. At the moment I have the WM1302 Seeed LoRaWAN hat and am connected to TTN. I downloaded and installed Docker and Docker Compose. After much reading it seemed that installing the full version of ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder was the way to go (supposedly light weight as compared to ChirpStack Gateway Bridge) BUT the installation has nothing for the RPi5. Then I turned to the Gateway Bridge and the RPi install seems to suggest ?? I should install ChirpStack Gateway OS.

Can someone please tell me how to go about installing and in what order as well as clarifying the Bridge vs the Forwarder and why the Forwarder is not available for RPi?

Thank you very much.

You are likely wanting ChirpStack GatewayOS - Full image (has builtin Chirpstack, MQTT Forwarder, UDP Forwarder and NodeRed)
However, not sure if Pi5 is officially supported yet.

Thank you kindly for the response. I am new to Linux and the install instructions are a little confusing…Do you mind if I ask some questions:

I installed a lora_pkt_fwd on the WM1302 and this pushes node data to TTN…The node FW converted the UDP to Cayenne and sent it so I believe I already must have the UDP Forwarder.

I too was concerned as I do not see the full image for RPi5.

  1. What is NodeRed used for as I am not familiar with this? Does this OS package come with Docker, and all the dependencies?

  2. Do I need to separately install Docker to use NodeRed or is this part of the gateway-os?

  3. I don’t quite understand the Concentratord. What is it and in what scenario would you want to use this? (I’ve seen documentation but I am still not sure)

  4. Finally: In the event the OS does not support the RPi5. Can you suggest the sequence of what I should install? If I download the tar image at the beginning of each section will that contain all the dependencies?

I apologize as I am sure this seems trivial to one who knows linux but after I follow steps in here as I see them certain pieces install but then fail to find files to run, etc. and I am lost as to what to do at that point. So the sequence and all the dependency installs order seems to be quite important.

Thank you again

ChirpStack gateway OS doesnt support docker during installation yet.
If you want to bundle everything into your docker, then likely you need to be a Linux pro.
Else you need 2 Pis, one for Hass and one for ChirpStack gateway OS.

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what is hass. I currently am running the os version on pi 4b pi hat .With wm1302 seeed. but very new and learning. Where can i read about this Hass? Also is there a certain range i need to us on us 915 for the area I am in.

Hass is Home assistant