Nke Watteco ModBUS


Does anyone have experience to get that Modbus Bridge running with Chirpstack.


I like to read some given Modbus Register to a influxdb…

Thanks in advance…

No, but thank you for posting the link - very interesting!

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Me again…

In the meantime, I have had the Watteco Modbus adapter integrated with a commercial provider. He wrote drivers for it, written in Golang,afaik. Who could help to encode the data with the builtin function of Chirpstack?? The provider can only offer its own platform, which I can’t use in the test phase yet.

If I copy the output from Devicedata and paste it here, I already get data. For example, the correct Modbus address is there to see. Output: " EQqABwABQRE3Aw5fQF8AADNxtgsOAKUAIw== "

`{“version”: “NKE_Frame_Codec_v_1.0.svn5087”, “TimeStamp”: “2022-11-22 09:48:53.471599”}
“EndPoint”: 0,
“Report”: “Standard”,
“CommandID”: “ReportAttributes”,
“ClusterID”: “SerialMasterSlave”,
“AttributeID”: “Answer”,
“AttributeType”: “ByteString”,
“Data”: {
“ModBusAnswer”: {
“SlaveID”: 55,
“FcntID”: 3,
“DataSize”: 14,
“Data”: “5f405f00003371b60b0e00a50023”
“Cause”: []

The content of “Data” at the end is then certainly the data, which is available as a hex value, I assume.

There are a few JavaScript examples on the manufacturer’s website, but none of them work.

How do I get there? Who could help.?

Btw. I’m still using V3, but would go to V4 if the rollout to three datacenter will start…

Thanks in advance