No application tx mqtt topics since v3.0.0 upgrade

Since upgrading to v3.0.0 a couple of weeks ago, I am no longer seeing anything published to my mqtt server for downlink messages.

Previously, I saw topics such as:


But since the upgrade, I’m not seeing them. Plus if I publish this, they seem to be ignored and no downlink is sent to my device.

I am still seeing the data for rx published, e.g.


I was using the ability to pubish tx messages to mqtt in order to send downlinks to devices. It has stopped working, I have changed my code to use the devicequeue via the HTTP API instead and that seems to work OK but I still do not see the application tx topics.

I’ve been doing some more testing of this. I think my original description of the problem wasn’t quite right.

The state now seems to be:

  • Manually publishing to the tx topic using mosquitto_pub works, I see the downlink in the logs and it is sent to the device. However, nothing appears in the “Device Data” screen in the web UI
  • Using the device-queue API also works but I don’t see a corresponding “application/{application-id}/device/{device-id}/tx” topic on the mqtt server or a downlink in the “Device Data” screen in the web UI. The downlink is sent to the device though (I know this as it sends back a corresponding uplink with a status code a couple of seconds later on)

So I think downlinks are working but I’m not always seeing the topics in mqtt when using the device-queue API and I’m never seeing any downlinks in the “Device Data” screen in the web UI.