NO chirpstack log file existing

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I need to check if the chirpstack gateway bridge receive data, so I followed the instruction below that provided on the website:

## ChirpStack Gateway Bridge receives data?

When the previous step confirmed that the gateway is sending data, you need to confirm that the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge is receiving data from your gateway.

The first indications you will find in the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge logs. Depending how the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge was installed on your system, one of the following commands will show you the logs:

** journalctl -f -n 100 -u chirpstack-gateway-bridge*
** tail -f -n 100 /var/log/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge.log*

In my case, I have chirpstack gateway bridge installed on the multitech gateway itself and another one installed on the machine (my laptop) . When I run this line on the gateway " tail -f -n 100 /var/log/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge.log" I received the following message:

mtcdt:~# tail -f -n 100 /var/log/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge.log
tail: can’t open ‘/var/log/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge.log’: No such file or directory
tail: no files

It seems no log file of chirpstack gateway bridge. on another side, the chirpstack gateway bridge is installed on the gateway in this directory : mtcdt:/var/config#
and this directory : "mtcdt:/var/config/chirpstack-gateway-bridge " only have chirpstack-gateway-bridge .toml file , there is no log file .

Note: I checked if the chirpstack-gateway-bridge active, by run this command : " ```
ps aux |grep chirpstack-gateway-bridge " and the output looks like the following :

root 2015 0.4 5.1 804788 12892 ? Sl 07:52 0:05 /opt/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge --config /var/config/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml
root 2108 0.0 0.3 3088 992 pts/0 S+ 08:11 0:00 grep chirpstack-gateway-bridge

What is the problem in that case? how I can start to see the chirpstack-gateway-bridge receiving data successfully ?

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The installer packages for physical LoRaWAN gateways do not log to a file by default, presumably due to limited write and space capabilities of many of these flash devices. You can easily enable logging via syslog at the top of the configuration file.

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