No data from node

I’ve followed the install guide and have LoRa Server running on a Ubuntu 16.04 machine.

I’m using a Dragino LG01 for my gateway and a basic node for testing. I’ve had the Dragino and the node connected up to TTN and it’s been working fine for a few weeks.

Now, I’ve changed the settings on the Dragino gateway to point to my new LoRa Server and have created a gateway in the app. The Dragino is connected and is sending data to the LoRa Server so that’s all working fine.

If I connect to the MQTT server then I can see the Dragino gateway sending data. Both status and data from the node.

Back on the LoRa Server app, I have created an application and added a node. I set it to ABP and used the same Device EUI, Application EUI, Device address, Network session key and Application session key that were set in my TTN account.

I expected to see data from the node but nothing is coming through. What have I missed?

Replying to my own post.

Turns out that I copied the settings wrong. It all looks to be working now.

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