No device events - Chirpstack V4

Hi @brocaar,

I cannot see the device data/payload at " Events" tab. May I know what’s possibly goes wrong in my setup?

Thank you.


With the provided information I can not answer your question as we are not even sure if the device is activated and sending data and therefore if any event data is expected.

Have you seen these guides?

Hi @brocaar,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I have added a kerlink gateway and a milesight water level sensor which are online and sending data. I also created a device profile.
Please have a look at the below screenshots that I have attached.

Thank you.

If the devices are working properly, but you are not seeing the live frames / event, then this is probably a proxy issue (or anti-virus). If you are using NGINX as proxy, then please take a look at this template: chirpstack-ansible-playbook/roles/chirpstack/templates/chirpstack.nginx at master · chirpstack/chirpstack-ansible-playbook · GitHub


Hi @brocaar,

Yes, you the boss. The root caused is from the Sophos anti-virus. Problem resolved after the server public IP is white-listed.

Thank you so much.

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