No device-status recived from Elsys ERS sensors


I’ve setup the service-profile to send 6 device-status requests a day, however more than half a day has passed and I have no device status is shown in application. Expected to see Link margin and Battery for the sensors.

I have sent successfully downlink message to one of the sensors, so both uplink and downlink is working.

Where should I start debugging? Can it be that Elsys sensor do not respond on device-status requests?


This is what I found in Log-file:

Last log-post, 13:16 pretty much seem to match when I enabled status request (set to 6 request per day) however after that I don’t see that server did any device-status request.

Think I may have found the issue, there are two check-boxes to check to have the data reported to app-server. Checked them, lets see if it solves the isse:

That solved issue, no it recives