No downlink ack for Confirmed Data Up

Hi all,
I’m using the latest ChirpStack with networkstack+bridge+mqtt in the same server.

I use Dragino LG01 gateway and Dragino LSN50.

  • Dragino LG01 gateway uses 433Mhz (DR2) as TX and RX. This is single channel gateway.
  • Dragino LSN50 uses 433Mhz (DR2) with ADR off
    If the LSN50 set no need ack for data upload (AT+CFM=0), everything ok.
    I can see the UPLINK packet

In the node, the upload counter increases by 1 every uplink. It is OK, too.

However, if I set the node to get ACK for every uplink packet (AT+CFM=1), the node keeps trying to send packets to many frequencies and DRs for the same counter.

The ChirpStack got a few uplink ConfimedDataUp and never get other packets.

There should be a ACK Unconfirmed Data Down, right?

When I hook the gateway to TTN with 470Mhz then I can see a lot of uplink and ack downlink.
When I trigger a downlink in Application > Devices, I only see uplink and ack. There is no downlink packet at all?

Thanks a lot for any advice. :smiley:

I’ve just double check for TTN. No ACK for uplink too.
Only “Confirmed” payload 12 12 34 56.

So how could we have downlink for singple channel gateway?
Thanks a lot.