No Events or Frames

Hello, in my Chirpstack docker container there works everthing fine, just the events or frames did not load.

Has anyone the same problem, or solved this?

Hi @Ben,

I can see frames from my uplink messages, but did not manage to send any downlink messages.

What about Your gateway status, is it online or?

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Yes the Gateway is online.

And what devices are You using for gateway and end nodes?
What was the process of registering Your gateway?

I have a problem with gateway connection, it won’t go online. I am using Nucleo F746ZG (gateway) and WL55JC1 (end node).
Do You have any idea what could be my problem?

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Are you using a proxy, e.g. NGINX? In that case you must add some configuration to make sure the gRPC streaming requests are handled and proxied correctly:

Hi. in my Network, there is no proxy in use.

In some cases, it could be due to a virus scanner at the client-side. In this case the virus scanner intercepts all browser traffic, causing the gRPC stream functionality to break. You will find some topics on the forum about this.