No join accept? What am I doing wrong?

Hi all, I am trialling Loraserver via the full gateway OS building running on a Lorix One gateway.

I am trying to get some NetOP Lora sensors activated via OTAA however all I can see in the Frames tab is JOIN REQUESTS, nothing more and the devices will not activate.

I have gone through pretty much all of the mac versions under the device profile but still nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

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Have you setup the right frequency plan on loraserver?
It may be that the downlink messages are not able to reach the end node due the use of another frequency plan.

In the end node, have you already check that the application key is the same with the one that you configured in your loraserver? the same applies for the device eui.

One thing that I would do is to check firstable the logs on the packet forwarder and see if there is something there that can help me out.

You can check on the forum as well a plenty of topics related to otaa here:

The key would be figuring out why join accepts are not being generated.

What join nonce is in use? Is it simply incrementing in each packet? LMiC for example tends to do that, so if you are re-using join nonces you’ll end up having to slowly walk out of re-used space until you get to fresh numbers. It turns out there’s actually no way to make a proper LoRaWAN node without persistent memory, as you either need to retain the FCount or else know what join nonce range has already been used.

Also check the gateway page and make sure join accepts aren’t being transmitted but somehow not appearing on the device page.

If the server accepts your JoinRequest, it should show a DOWNLINK with JoinAccept.

Double check your keys and addresses on the end-device, as it is the main reason JoinRequests are dropped. On some libraries, the keys and/or the address are LSB. And if it doesn’t solve your problem, check the gateway log as it provides more information than the AppServer

Thanks all, this was due to me using the incorrect app keys.

Hi @sophiekovalevsky. I am able to receive the join accept message at the end node. But in the “LIVE LORAWAN FREAMES” tab in the Gateway on UI, I am not seeing the join accept packet. Is there any thing we need to configure in UI?

What did you do? same problem
Can you tell where do you get keys and where you put it?

I am facing the same problem and I doubly checked all the keys they are inserted correctly. What problem could possible?

and keys byte sequence LSB/MSB are correct also? what you are seing in the live frame tab?

Yes the sequence is correctly followed. May I share my screen with you?

especially for me - not needed. for all others maybe, if you mean screenshots.