No join-requests (OTAA)

Hi guys,

I am testing ChirpStack with MultiTech Conduit gateway (in packet forwarder mode). The gateway works ok and I can see UnConfirmedDataUp UPLINK messages in live frames. However, there are no device (OTAA) Join requests (I tried to check all log files).

The only error I can see in network server logs:

msg=“uplink: processing uplink frame error”

error=“get device-session error: object does not exist”

I have added the correct DevEUI and AppKey in ChirpStack.

I could not find anything useful in the MultiTech log files. Any ideas what to do next?



If you don’t see any join requests but are successfully seeing other uplink traffic, your device is likely not sending them. What is your device, and is it configured for OTAA or ABP?

We are using WLT 310 sensor which is “configurable Over-the-Air (OTA)”.

I assume it should automatically join the network.

In case of OTAA, your device should send join requests, which you can see in live frames tab.
check the device working properly, regional device and GW settings, device mode settings OTAA/ABP, gw packet forwarder configuration and their log.

Restart of sensor devices did the trick :slight_smile: