No LinkADRReq messages

I have the latest versions of the chirpstack setup running on a RAK pi gateway. Everything seems to be working properly except ADR. If I isolate the IOT device from the gateway, the DR does drop (I set min/max to DR0/DR4) eventually getting down to DR0. However, once the gateway is again visible the clients never increase DR.
I’m monitoring the traffic at both the device and the gateway. I do see regular DevStatusReq, and DevStatusAns at both, but that MACCMD (0x6) seems like the only downlink command ever sent from the gateway - no LinkADRReq or other MAC cmds.
The service-profile has the min DR set to 0 and the max DR 4. The device profile has the Default ADR algorithm set. The MAC version is 1.0.2B.

And ‘chirpstack-network-server configfile’ has: