No logs on Lora Server and Lora app server post setup

I have gateway bridge server running and publishing data . I also have lora server and lora app server up and running . I registered the gateway in the lora app server user interface but I could not see the lora packets . I followed all the steps exactly. Can anyone suggest where could I go wrong.

Lora App Server Logs

Lora Server Logs

It seems that you don’t have any packet reaching servers. If it wasn’t well set up you would have an error. Do you have log of your gateway ? Make sure your message is received by it then forwarded.

I have no lora node connected to my gateway , I still need to do it. But i am running packet forwarder on my gateway . Technically it is not receiving any packets(as no end node device is connected to it) but still my gateway bridge server(which is also installed on my gateway) is receiving the empty packets every 30 seconds from packet forwarder and is publishing those empty packets to the MQTT . As far as my knowledge those empty packets should be received by lora server and be forwarded to lora -app-server right even though there is literally no useful data in it?.




No, these are either pings or gateway statistics and are not forwarded to the application-server.

Thanks for the reply @brocaar and @Clement . So that means should I assume there is mistake in my packet forwarder or once i connect a node then I will be able to see the data?.

Well, we have nothing to say that your config isn’t well done… it should work :slight_smile:

I think I found the mistake, I forgot to change the mqtt server address in Lora-gateway-bridge.toml file from to "actual IP on which Lora server was running ":1883. When i changed it, my Lora server logs show that it is receiving the stats packet from the gateway. But still i’m not able to see the live device data(the live device data tab still just loads but shows nothing) on Lora-app-server user interface. Any idea?. And also my Lora-gateway logs shows a warning saying couldn’t update gateway despite being updated the gateway id in Lora-gateway-bridge.toml file.

Revised Lora Server Logs

Revised Lora-Gateway-Bridge Logs