No LoRaWAN-Frames


I am new to LoRaWAN and ChripStack.

I have a Mikrotik wAP LR8 and a ChripStack v4 Server (on Ubuntu 22.04).
Both are in the LAN-segment, no routing, NAT etc. in between.

1.) I see in the MT-Gateway a few LoRa-Frames and they get forwarded to the server

2.) I see my Gateway “online”

3.) But there is nothing under “LoRaWAN frams” in the Gateway-Sction

I can let this page open for hours, nothing.
I tested different hosts and a different browser. Always the same, no entries.

How can I check if this is simply a bug on this webpage or if there is a problem with my installation? I followed 1:1 the steps from here: Debian / Ubuntu - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation

I have verified with Wireshark that the Gateway sends the IP-Packets (destionation port UDP/1700) to the ChirpStack-server.

I am now out of ideas what I could do…

Additional info:

I testet:
mosquitto_sub -v -t “+/gateway/#”
sudo tcpdump -AUq port 1700

It seems the packets arrive corrctly on the ChirpStack-server. But somehow wont make it further?!

For all who have the same problem:

The frames showed up the moment I got my first LoRaWAN-sensor. All other frames the Gateway catched seemd to be corrupt in a way Chirpstack does not display them. I found no documentation regarding how Chripstack is handling erroneous frames. But only “CRC OK” frames (shown in the gateway) show up in Chirpstack too.

Why have many corrupted packets?
How far is your node to gateway?

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