No uplink data to Network Server

Hi All,
I installed the ChirpStack inside EC2 instance.

Able to connect the RAK 7249 to this Network Server. But when I try to send data from nodes (Libelium), no uplink data that coming in.

Please advise. I think I have steps missing.

Did you create an application and register the nodes in it?

Do you see raw uplinks being reported for your gateway in chirpstack?

If not there do you see raw uplinks being reported in the gateway’s own logs or on-board status page?

If not that are the nodes and gateway on the same frequency band and sub-band?

ok, ill look into creating the app and registering the nodes. have not done this part yet.

Will update by next week.


I did create the application and added the device.
Had configured the OTAA.

I saw on the figure above that “Join Accept”. It does mean that the device is connected to Chirpstack right?

Also in com5 (IDE of Libelium), I did tried to send a packet. but the status was packet error. I’ll try to figure out this issue separately.

My concern is, does my device connected or not?

The repeating join request/join accept suggests that the end device is for some reason not hearing or not processing chirpstack’s response.

In effect chirpstack thinks they’re connected but the end device doesn’t, so it keep trying to connect again.

Apart from making sure in the gateway’s own logs (wherever those are) that it actually transmitted the join accept, this is probably a problem you’re going to have to debug from the perspective of your end device node, rather than chirpstack.

Do note that if your end device is too close to the gateway it can falsely appear to be on a different frequency as well as the one it’s actually on. Normally chirpstack can deal with that by responding to the strongest version of the signal (ie, the real one) but there may be ways that can go wrong, so make sure the two aren’t too close together - try for an RSSI below -60.

It clarifies a lot.

i think I’m on the right track with Chirpstack. Now, is either I try fixing my end device( Libelium) or use different end nodes.

Will update soon when I have progress.