Node configuration

How many no.of nodes can we configure in one chirpstack server ?

number of endnodes is not limited

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i wan to put 40-50 nodes per gateway …if all nodes transmites at same time will the gateway can receive all the data and sends it to server?? @eugenev

you need to try to prevent this from happening
otherwise you risk losing data
anyway learn LoRaWAN principals, before ask. there are many tutorials in the internet.

i know that … can u tell how much delay needed for each posting in node side may be safer…

how do I know about your nodes, their datarate, payload size and your gateways. Сalculate this by yourself based on this parameters in order to avoid collisions, if you telling “I know that”
The endnode uplink timer starts from the moment of joining. I don’t think all your devices will be joined at the same time.
usually this join time difference is enough.
this is another question not related to this topic.

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