Node-session does not exist or invalid fcnt or mic


I am using docker installation of the lora server: version=1846296

I got this error with my device:
level=error msg="processing rx packet error: get node-session error: node-session does not exist or invalid fcnt or mic" data_base64="QFVKux4AwxMBDN0K2p2wDYDNnjtLiLOimMo3Dw=="

I tried the “Enable relax frame-counter” but it is not working.
I have not got this issue with my mdot…

Any idea how I can debug and solve this? Thanks!

Is your node using OTAA or ABP?

I found the issue, it is not related to this error. I was not formatting well the data got from my node (I need to display it on Hexadecimal). so I was not able to see the real payload.

But since I also have this error displayed on my logs, I thought it is related to this node.


Great. I’ll close this topic then.