Not able to run lora app server in windows 10 64 bit

I have installed lora app server and lora server in my windows 64 bit laptop.I am not able to access the lora app server in https://localhost:8080/.Please let me know what should I do

At least share some log information?

Hi ,
I am now able to run the lora app server but not able to access the UI on port 8080

gateway_sx1272_antenna_conjunto_1 I haveattached the pic of my gateway.It is able to receive packets from Lora Modules.How do I configure this for the proposed lora project.

Thank you

I see an error in your logs :wink:

Please let me know is there any possibility of using lora sx1272 instead of lorawan(meant to ask should the sensor and gateway use lorawan modules);also tell me how to configure the USB wapmote gateway for the above project