Not connected to Websocket API

Can you please help me.


I assume you are using a proxy. See also:

i have the same problem, could you solve it??

Please check the changelog of the latest version. Redis 5+ is required.

I have the same problem. It seems to have been introduced some time ago on my system that worked fine before.

@brocaar you suggest Redis 5+. is this new? what is the purpose of Redis?

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Redis was always a dependency. In order to cache the last X (by default 10) uplink / downlink frames, ChirpStack uses Redis Streams (Introduction to Redis Streams – Redis), this is implemented since Redis 5.0.

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“Fortunately” for me the server on which chirpstack was installed and that had the problem was crashed after many years of service so I had to rebuild it. With that, my problem disappeared too. :slight_smile: