NS not accepting join + can't reach url?

Running an RPi5 headless with a SEEED WM1302. Working hardware tested with TTN. I have a purchased LoRaWAN node that can be commanded with AT commands plugged into my windows laptop. Node and Gateway both have antennas and are 4 feet apart.

I have installed Chirpstack and stuff. Running docker on RPi…See screen shot below. Two issues I am hoping someone can shed light on:

  1. I am not joining the network? (see yellow RealTerm screen ‘Join Failed’)
  2. localhost:8081 or localhost:8080 on laptop as well as using browser within RealVNC error out with ‘site cannot be reached’?

An update as I installed chirpstack-gateway-bridge as a container also…see new pic…still same result and the lora_pkt_fwd on the WM1302 is set to port 1700 and running