Obtain App Id of the application created

Hello dear community.
Another noobie question. So in my application, I am creating a node red and flask interface to connect to Chripstack through an API. For the application created and each device in the application, an App Id is assigned by the NS. I have an MQTT subscriber which subscribes to the topic to obtain device data. I want to extract AppId from the server and insert in MQTT as topic. Is it possible? Can I ‘get’ AppId through the REST API offered by chirpstack?
Thank you in advance!

from here you can read all possibilities of using REST API with examples

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Thank you for the response. Yes, I am studying the API provided. My concern was, for example. in the ApplicationServices, I can use ‘Get’ method to obtain list of applications in the Response content. So can I extract only the Id of the application from the response?

Response is a JSON, you can do anything with it :slight_smile: Read the docs how to process JSON in corresponding programing language which you use.

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