Only receive one uplink message from device

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to this tech and I’m still getting my head around the basics.

I have Chirpstack 4.x and a Dragino gateway configured and a Rak Wireless 4631 as an end-node.

The gateway is registered fine, as is the 4631. I have a script on the 4631 which sends a ‘hello’ message every ten seconds.

What I’m seeing is that the end node connects to the LoRa just fine, but Chirpstack only ever sees a single Uplink message.

I have read some forum posts about this being to do with the sub channels used by the gateway, and the end node being incorrectly reconfigured on join, but I’m not sure I understand that problem description.

I am using au915 sub band 2. For reference.

Can someone please provide some guidance on how I can troubleshoot this further?

Just an update on this one, it seems there’s more than one Uplink packet coming through, but only one an hour or so. The end node is configured to send a packet every minute so I’m not sure what’s causing the discrepancy.

May be the frequency plans for your server, gateway and node are not the same.

Ok, let’s say that is the case (it might well be!) I’m going to need some help working out where I’ve gone wrong.

My gateway has a couple of settings (on the device itself) which are set for AU915 with Sub Band 2.

In Chirpstack, I don’t see any settings under my Gateway for any Sub Band configuration, it’s just set for AU915.

On my Server, again I only see AU915 as an option (via the GU), so I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can set there.

For the end node, in the device profile I have the region set to AU915 and the Region Configuration set to AU915_0.

Are those the only places to look, and how do I determine whether my configuration is consistent all the way through?

Gateway links to chirpstack-gateway-bridge.
And chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml will have sub bands.

Chirpstack.toml also has sub bands such as us915_x.

Thank you @datnus, I traced the problem back to the sub frequency settings on my gateway device. My platform is looking much better now!


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