Open class C for some seconds


script performs and parse lorawan Data received by MQTT Integration, and do downlink if require. As Device is in Class A, need to send downlink command to chirpstack as soon as get uplink,
But issue is when script fetch data to downlink from a remote sql Server it takes some times, and then script perform send downlink by MQTT to chirpstack, but downlink doesn’t performed due to delay in sending downlink message, and so it will remains in queue of chirpstack, and will be send on next uplink. there is nothing can be done in script side to send downlink faster to chirpstack for now.
Downlink is needed to reached to device when request made, not in next uplink.

So, I though use device in class C when doing uplink and and wait for command for 6 seconds and switch back to class A, for power saving.

Is this legal according to Lorawan Protocol?

Thank You

A class C device is always listening, thus the C stands for “Continuous”. If the device will not always listen, then I think it is wrong because it is not really a Class C device.

If your server really cannot respond within 1s, then how about changing RxDelay? If you made it 5s, then RX1 will exist at 5s after the uplink.