Open Source LoRaWAN Operations, Cybersecurity & Compliance Management Platform

Hello all,

I’m glad to share with you the release of RoLaGuard: a free and open source LoRaWAN Operations, Cybersecurity & Compliance Management Platform. Despite being the first release, it has a lot of functionalities:

Asset Inventory:
-Automatic Inventory of devices and gateways
-Classification by importance and labeling
-Geolocalized Map Visualization
-Drill-Down Analytics

Network Overview:
-Status of gateways and devices
-Lost messages, retransmissions, failed Joins
-Frequency between messages
-Devices by gateway
-Signal Strength and Noise graphics

Automation & Alerts:
-Continuous Monitoring and Alerting with Automatic Risk and Importance Classification
-Event Configuration & Management
-Security and Compliance
-Best Practice, Operation and Security Checks

Security & Compliance:
-Network Protection
-Vulnerabilities and attack detection
-Active traffic surveillance
-Best Practices

For the moment RoLaGuard supports The Thing Networks and ChirpStack, but we are working to add more Network Servers. Also, you can develop your own data source connector to add support to your favorite Network Server.

Please, take a look, share your feedback and contribute.

The code with the instructions to run it: The setup is pretty simple, but if you have any questions you can open an issue on Github! In this link there is a demo of the platform.


Looks nice. Will be evaluating it in the next few days/weeks.

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Let me know how it goes! You can drop as a message in the web or Github also.

Hi, what are your results of the evaluation?

six month later - have not tested it yet. Had a look at the code and project on github, and it looked good to me. Insert work-corona-child-priority excuses here.

I see… I will try to install and test it…