OpenID with AzureAD not working

Hello @brocaar,

can anybody help me with the integration of OpenID on Chirpstack Application Server with AzureAD?
I only got the message “get authenticator error”. What am I doing wrong?

Is the provided provider_url “{tenant}/v2.0/.well-known/openid-configuration” correct? Anything else should be okay. What does chirpstack send as request?

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Can you help me please?
I dont’ find any information. How to configure openID.

I got the following log message

time=“2021-03-24T14:59:48Z” level=error msg=“oidc: new authenticator error” error="get provider error: 404 Not Found: "

with the following configuration:

login_label=“Login via Azure ActiveDirectory”

I do not have any experience with AzureAD, but I tested the OpenID Connect integration successfully with

Did you manage to get this working ?
I am also stuck at the same point.

Can I ask how you handled this from the Azure AD side?

I have a fully working ChirpStack config, but when the request is being processed it is expecting ‘email_verified’ as a required value in the token. How did you overcome that? Is there any claim type or method that you used to give the boolean true?

I would have assumed it was as simple as setting DataType to boolean, but it is not working for me. Q to Microsoft on the attempt already tried How to send a claim in a token as a boolean value? - Microsoft Q&A

Whenever Azure sends the token for me it arrives as a string value, and cannot be parsed by the ChirpStack code.