Option to disable Mac commands

Is there an option to disable Mac commands in V4 as we had in V3. (was an option in the network server config).

Thx , Rob

No, as this is supposed to be managed at the devices level.

But a workaround could be to create a custom ADR algorhythm that do not modify current parameters (not tested).

There is a parameter in the toml file to disable ADR, but globally:

# ADR is disabled.

I tried the following setting

adr_disabled=true in the region_eu868.toml but that didn’t help
I am still getting 'UnconfirmedDataDown" messages. Would like to stop that completely.

Thx for your help already

Did you try in the NS toml file (in [regions.network])?

See: Configuration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation

I tried that option before.
It did not work.

You can reduce the MAC version to reduce the MAC commands.

Not sure what you mean with the NS toml file. Is there in v4 a NS toml file?

I placed it in region_eu868.toml under the section [regions.network]

Can you please explain what you mean with the NS toml file for chirpstack v4

If you are using Docker compose, you could find it here:

Have you seen:

  # Mac-commands disabled.



I did try to add the command: mac_commands_disabled=true as per below in the chirpstack.toml file but that didn’t help (did reboot the rpi). I am still getting the 'UnconfirmedDataDown" messages. Any idea what could be wrong?




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I checked this again and while the config option was there, it didn’t disable the mac-commands properly. This will be fixed in the next release :slight_smile:

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