Organization and Gateways separation

I’m trying to define the structure for my Organization and Application hierarchy, and I ended up with some questions.
If I have something like this:

Organization #1 with:

  • Gateway AAA
  • Gateway BBB
  • Gateway CCC
  • APP#1

Organization #2 with:

  • Gateway DDD
  • Gateway EEE
  • Gateway FFF
  • APP#2

If one of my nodes assigned to APP#1 send a message, but is out of range of theirs gateways (AAA, BBB, and CCC).
However, lets say that gateway EEE receives the packet and fordwards it to the network server.
Will the network server reject the message because of the Organization/Gateway separation, or will the message still be delivered to APP#1 ?

If it’s rejected, is there a workaround that doesn’t involve having only 1 Organization for all the Gateways and Applications?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, there will still be one network, so from a network point of view, these gateways are not separated. Only the management of these gateways are separated :slight_smile: