OTAA APPKEY cannot seem to find

I have a local network server running and am trying to join a node to the network. On the Chirpstack site (localhost:8080) I see no where to create an APPKEY and copy it to my device? Can someone point me to this or tell me what I am missing?

This site:
How to do Chirpstack

suggests that it is somewhere??

Chirpstack doesn’t generate appKEYS, nor does that guide say it does. If you’re using your own devices, you have to.

with TTN you generate an APPKEY and then copy that to your node. This is for OTAA. That APPKEY is used until you are joined to the network and then the APPSKEY and NWKSKEY is used after that. Those second keys are generated during the joining process and never shared.

I am assuming that I will have to do the same thing with a Chirpstack local network? (this is a question)…My node has the correct DevEUI and AppEUI and I set that in the Chirpstack webpage but I still have not joined.

I know the HW works because I have an account on TTN and can switch it over and see it join to my HW Gateway.

What am I missing?..the gateway has shown up as connected…it is just the node…i have the correct Lorawan version 1.0.3 A set on both ends

I can generate my own random APPKEY and I can write it to the node BUT where do I write it on the network server? (there seems to be no location that I can see)

The appEUI aka the joinEUI is only used if you have an external join server, otherwise it is obsolete and you can use any value. The appkey is what is used to create the appskey and nwkskey, so obviously without it the device cannot join. Chirpstack will not generate this appKey for you.

The box that says application key… In the photo you previously shared.

If your device does not come with an appKey, you must generate it yourself and have the same appKey on the device and server. For testing you could just use 01020304050607080910111213141516
For example.

I understand that…but I don’t have that box??? That is from a picture of someone explaining off of a website…That box does NOT exist on my GUI application anywhere…

Did you create your device yet?

From your guide " Select OTAA device profile, then click Submit " the “application key” box only appears once you have made the device, not prior. I can assure you if you have a proper Chirpstack install, the box is there.

my apologies…I finally found it…Could of swore I checked applications area for this but apparently not…my bad…