OTAA Class C device


We have a Class C Streetlight sensor device using OTAA and the device rejoins every 10 minutes. this causes the light to turn on and off. This only happens on the Loraserver, when we have tested on other platforms. We have also tested multiple gateways and it still is rejoining.

Are there any settings or info that someone can suggest that we check or change to see if we can stop this issue?


The first thing I can think of is that maybe you enabled rejoin requests, i.e. this at loraserver.toml:

# Rejoin-request settings
  # When enabled, LoRa Server will request the device to send a rejoin-request
  # every time when one of the 2 conditions below is met (frame count or time).
  # Request device to periodically send rejoin-requests

  # The device must send a rejoin-request type 0 at least every 2^(max_count_n + 4)
  # uplink messages. Valid values are 0 to 15.

  # The device must send a rejoin-request type 0 at least every 2^(max_time_n + 10)
  # seconds. Valid values are 0 to 15.
  # 0  = roughly 17 minutes
  # 15 = about 1 year

That doesn’t seem to match the 10 minutes intervals you mention though.

So are there any downlinks you are seeing before the device joins again? Could you share anything relevant at the lorawan frames or logs?

This topic appears to be related: https://forum.loraserver.io/t/otaa-device-rejoins-every-10-minutes/3941/6

I think we have solved the issue, it appears that by increasing the Class-C confirmed downlink timeout * parameter from 0 to 5, then to 10 has resolved this rejoin issue