OTAA denied after doing sys factoryRESET


I activated a node using OTAA (deveui,appeui,appkey) and it got successfully registered. The rx and tx were working perfectly.

After 2 weeks I performed a sys factoryRESET on my node and when again I tried to do the OTAA with same (deveui,appeui,appkey) it is showing Denied. (Also, app server is showing that device is activated)

Is there a way I can re-configure this device with same (deveui,appeui,appkey). Or do I need to use this node as a new device ?

Please make sure that with the reset it didn’t reset the DevNonce on the device-side.

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Since, I did a complete firmware reset. I think DevNonce is also deleted.
So can I assume that I need to reconfigure that node with new devEUI ?

Removing the device and adding it back using the web-interface will also do the trick :slight_smile: That will cleanup the used dev-nonces from the database.