OTAA keys or Join Server

I’m stuck now with device registration: Reading the documentation I could use a join server instead of defining a OTAA key. However leaving the OTAA key field blank - I get error:“join-server returned error: response error, code: Other, description: get device-keys error: object does not exist”
So the default join configuration doesn’t work. How can I configure the Join server properly?
Otherwise the device manual (Dragino LSN_50) states that in the OTAA key field the device ID should be filled- but this is definitely wrong as there are not enough bites in the device id. So where do I get the OTAA key from? There is something I can not understand from the docs. But help would be very much appreciated!! Thank you

Hi @vherbst

Chirpstack already provides you a join server in its files. You can enter your code with two keys (by OTAA):
-JoinEUI: (Chirpstack’s Join will manage this key, so you can enter with this zeros: “0000000000000000”)

-AppKey: The one that your application device will generate when you create

with this two keys, you can setup the code in your microcontroler’s IDE

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

for OTAA you need the AppKey from this device, which programmed inside it.

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You can, but in that case you must configure an external join-server and this join-server must be aware of your device. In case of doubts, you probably want to set the keys through the ChirpStack web-interface.