OTAA sends error

I connected devices to chirpstack and they were working fine.
After 2 weeks I tried to sens an OTAA by clicking my Dragino LHT65.
However, now the sensor is disconnected and does not send normal data.
On top of that, we get error such as this one:

Does anyone have any idea ?

Hi @plumba

Follow the thread below to clear old dev-nonce

Validate dev-nonce error - ChirpStack Network Server - ChirpStack Community Forum

Hello @sagarpatel
Thanks for the quick answer
I followed the thread but i obtain this error:

Do you know why?

Hi @plumba

You can also clear older dev-nonce using UI.

In the latest release of Chirpstack Application Server there is an option to clear device dev nonces.

Go to Device details → Click on Activation Tab → You will see the CLEAR DEVNONCE button.


Thank you, i have cleared the devnonce and verified the table with postgresql

After a few minutes, the table is filling up, but no data is shown on chirpStack application server.
Is that normal?