OTAA : Unknown channel for frequency

Hello, My name is Eric.

Environment :

Use Raspberry pi 3 as LoRaWAN server .

Use LoPy as LoRaWAN single channel gateway.

Use Semtech LoRaMAC 1.0.2 as LoRaWAN node.

I was trying to get ABP working, it seems to work perfectly. But I trying to get OTAA ,I encountered a problem. LoRaWAN server only receive “JoinRequest” packet, not respond “JoinAccept”. I try to watch NS( Network Server ) Log. I find Error.

Error message :

error=“run join-response flow error: get rx1 frequency error: lorawan/band: unknown channel for frequency: 925100000”

then I try to survey this document(Network Server config).

change this config ,but gateway still not transmit “JoinAccept” packet.
Have the same error. lorawan/band: unknown channel for frequency: 925100000"

It looks like you have mis-configured the ISM band in your loraserver.toml config file. See also: https://forum.loraserver.io/search?q=unknown%20channel%20for%20frequency.

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