Packet Missing in chirpstack

We are trying to send the data from our device to chirp stack ,facing packet missing issue, the configurations are listed below

SF-8 (tested with 7-12 )
Packet size-4 Bytes
duration -10 s
Note-The same thing is working in TTN without any packet missing.

Occasional packet loss at the radio level is quite normal - these are shared frequency bands after all, and there are other users.

Are you seeing raw packets actually received by the gateway then being dropped? If so you are going to need to provide more details.

Packet size-4 Bytes

Keep in mind the actual radio packet size will be much larger due to the header and checksum overhead. Generally its preferable to send a somewhat larger packet less often

duration -10 s

A packet isn’t remotely that long in time, so presumably you mean the interval rather than the duration. But this is far too often and may even violate radio regulations in some places. Even if legal, once you have multiple end devices they may end up interfering with each other quite often when transmitting this frequently

As @cstratton mentioned packet-loss is normal. However, also check your server logs. An incorrect configuration could also result in dropped packets, in which case you will see errors in your logs.