Parsing fails at RxInfo[].time

Hello, we use http integration and the payload encoding is json .Chirpstack version we use is the latest one, 4.5.1
At our endpoint we are trying to parse the post request according to examples provided when the querystring is event=up.

The problem is that paring fails at the field “time” under rxInfo (rxInfo[].time).
According to the latest declaration in the Gw.proto , rxInfo is of type “UplinkRxInfo” which has “gwTime” ,“nsTime” but not the “time” property . However, “time” is defined in UplinkRxInfoLegacy class.

Can you please check if my understanding is correct and give us a workaround?
for completeness I am attaching the exact json object:

“deduplicationId”: “a31bb42b-d9a8-463b-b0ee-6eae29a2dc9d”,
“time”: “2023-11-19T21:13:21.496157+00:00”,
“deviceInfo”: {
“tenantId”: “52f14cd4-c6f1-4fbd-8f87-4025e1d49242”,
“tenantName”: “TestDeployment”,
“applicationId”: “8e89877c-c1b0-4e68-a573-94a157f9d9ea”,
“applicationName”: “TestApplication”,
“deviceProfileId”: “f1d607b0-bedf-4979-96f6-2562aeb2500b”,
“deviceProfileName”: “itronCyble5”,
“deviceName”: “115664”,
“devEui”: “0001123370003e6b0”,
“deviceClassEnabled”: “CLASS_A”,
“tags”: {}
“devAddr”: “01c14a06”,
“adr”: true,
“dr”: 5,
“fCnt”: 12,
“fPort”: 1,
“confirmed”: false,
“data”: “Cw4A/u5yg47JG9w5c0VykcUNhJ9XbsYu4nfe05pGVItpCfjzE8dDlEHVyw==”,
“rxInfo”: [
“gatewayId”: “24e124fffef6xxxx”,
“uplinkId”: 26531,
“time”: “2023-11-19T21:13:21.496157+00:00”,
“rssi”: -106,
“snr”: 7.8,
“channel”: 2,
“rfChain”: 1,
“location”: {
“latitude”: 39.01973,
“longitude”: 22.92051,
“altitude”: 423
“context”: “eo4Mlg==”,
“metadata”: {
“region_config_id”: “eu868”,
“region_common_name”: “EU868”
“crcStatus”: “CRC_OK”
“txInfo”: {
“frequency”: 868500000,
“modulation”: {
“lora”: {
“bandwidth”: 125000,
“spreadingFactor”: 7,
“codeRate”: “CR_4_5”
Thank you

These definitions are from the master branch, for which no stable release exist (yet). A test release will be released soon.

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