Passive and Handover Roaming

Wanted to know when Passive and Handover Roaming would be supported as per your current roadmap?

Hello Brocaar!

In another thread someone asked if implementing roaming was in the roadmap of You answered that it is not because it is quite complex and you are not sure who would benefit from it.

However, I can assure you that in a smart city deployment with private LoRaWAN networks, it can absolutely be beneficial if assets can be tracked from one city to another. Any chance that you can change your mind on this?


I understand the benefit. However, the roaming as specified in the LoRaWAN Backend Interface specification assumes that all roaming parties have a roaming agreement. There are some other initiatives to make the roaming more de-centralized (where a roaming agreement is not needed between all the parties).

Any chance that you can change your mind on this?

One way would be to have a real use-case and a company who would like to collaborate on this / sponsor the development time :slight_smile:

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