Passive roaming monitoring

Hello! @brocaar

I’ve just succeeded in my passive roaming application with ChirpStack and Packet Broker, but I would really like to see roaming messages exchange, is there any tracker recommended?

Help is really appreciated here!

I’m sorry, but there is no such function available at this moment apart from what is already logged (please check your log levels).

At this point, I’m only using logs reported by journalctl command. What I’m trying to see is wether the packets are sent to packet broker or only between my instances. It would also be very useful to see device session keys and for how long are they stored in the Redis database. Is there any particular log file recommended for that purpose?

Sorry, session keys are available in CS AppServer and were not the keys i meant. For my implementation, is not possible to reach the keys I wanted to. I’m still interested in traffic exchanged with Packet Broker though, or any input on logging/debugging options would also be appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t think these kind of messages are currently being logged. If you would like to create a pull-request for this, then that could be a great improvement :slight_smile:

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