Passive Roaming with Packet Broker

Hello community!

I’m trying to perform stateless passive roaming via Packet Broker. It’s kind of weird because although Packet Broker recommends passive roaming lifetime set to zero, this only works for me when performing OTAA but not for frames delivery.

I mean I can see JoinAns being exchanged using http filter in wireshark, and devAddr changing on the application server, but I can’t see packets reaching my end device.

If I set passive roaming lifetime to any value different from zero, I can see messages being exanged and both join and up event in Device Data tab. Attending to Live LoRaWAN frames, it came to my attention that packets come from some gateway ID not maching any of my gateways.

Could someone please share any thoughts on this? I could really use some help here @brocaar

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