Payload Decoding

Hey can you pls help me with my payloa, im using the b-L072Z device as a end node with the I-CUBE-LRWAN End Node LoraWAN code and i can see temperature in a console but at my chirpstack application server it show this:

SO thats my payload :

i tried a base64 online decoder but its nonsense, i dont unterstand where it gets encoded and which encoding system and how to decode it :frowning:

thank you

I believe you’re not at the correct tab. The image you’re showing looks like it’s under the “Lorawan frame” tab. Your payload should be under the “Device data” tab.

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ooh its not the same, thank you, but the data here is still not base64 tried a online decoder, but under objectJSON i can see the data thank you

Your payload is under AH0GoAFnARgCaGQDAP4EAQA=. It seems to be base64 encoded. I got 00 7d 06 a0 01 67 01 18 02 68 64 03 00 fe 04 01 00 after decoding it.

Always first assume that you’re not the first person asking this question and search around. If you did, you would have found this

ChirpStack calls that a CODEC and if you search documentation, it will tell you where to stick it & how to get that going.

This is the search I used: b-L072Z +codec

Also this has a codec.