PingSlotInfoReq Fail

Hi All!!!
When my ClassB node request a PingSlotInfoReq the server answer with PingSlotInfoReq NULL. Then the node never can syncrony the PingSlot.

The next picture show this problem.

Some clue?


If I understand the specification correctly, that’s the correct response. The 1.1 spec says:

With the PingSlotInfoReq command an end-device informs the server of its unicast ping slot periodicity. This command must only be used to inform the server of the periodicity of a UNICAST ping slot. A multicast slot is entirely defined by the application and should not use this command.

To change its ping slot periodicity a device SHALL first revert to Class A , send the new periodicity through a PingSlotInfoReq command and get an acknowledge from the server through a PingSlotInfoAns . It MAY then switch back to Class B with the new periodicity.

So I think you are just getting an ack for your request, i.e., a PingSlotInfoAns (as far as I know, cid are shared and requests / answers are identified by the sender).

I might be wrong though, so any one with more knowledge is welcome to correct this.

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Yes, this is correct.